Weddings at Haney House

Situated in a beautiful heritage perennial garden, the 19th century farmhouse that belonged to the Thomas Haney family makes the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. There is even a wonderful lattice-work arch that is covered with huge purple blooms of clematis in season.

The Haney House grounds are a municipal park and as such are available free to use for photography. Be aware, though, that other park users may wander past on the path.

If you wish to have access to the interior of Haney House for photographs or to use the washroom and kitchen areas as changing room space, the cost is $50 per hour by pre-arranged contract. For further information please see our rental contract.

A 50% deposit is required and cancellations will be accepted no later than two weeks before the wedding. If the cancellation is within two weeks, the deposit is not returned.

Your contact for rentals is Tom Little. He can be reached at Haney House at 604.463.1377 or through our Contact Us form.