The Maple Ridge Historical Society,established in 1957, is governed by our Constitution and Bylaws.



  1. The name of the Society is the “Maple Ridge Historical Society”. [as amended Sept 30, 1980]
  2. The purposes of the Society are:
  • to promote study, research and interest in the history of the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Districts and environs, hereinafter called the “Districts”,
  • to preserve and protect historical sites and buildings in the District,
  • to erect memorials, tablets, and other objects of like nature to commemorate historical events and personages of the Districts,
  • to award prizes and give rewards for meritorious literature concerning the history of the Districts,
  • to aid in the institution and administration of a Maple Ridge Museum. [as amended Sept 26, 1980]
  1. The operations of the Society are to be chiefly carried on in the District of Maple Ridge and the District of Pitt Meadows in the Province of British Columbia.

Vision Statement 

To celebrate, honour, protect and promote the history of Maple Ridge.

Mission Statement

Through the use of the highest conservation and recording standards, collect, display, and interpret the complex heritage of Maple Ridge.