The Maple Ridge Historical Society,established in 1957, is governed by our Constitution and Bylaws.



1.The name of the society is the “Maple Ridge Historical Society”

2.The purposes of the Society are:

a) to provide current, former and potential residents of our community with the means to make our history their own through the collections, preservation and sharing of our historic images, documents and artifacts;

b) to create a sense of identity and pride both within and outside our community, preserving the past and present for the future.

3.The operations of the Society are to be primarily carried out in the District of Maple Ridge and environs, in the Province of British Columbia.

4. On the winding up and dissolution of the Maple Ridge Historical Society, the assets, artifacts and archival materials of the Society, with the exclusion of those items on loan to the Museums at the time of dissolution, will be transferred to the District of Maple Ridge or its successor, after all debts have been paid or provision for payments have been made. This provision is unalterable.

Rev 2008

Vision Statement 

To celebrate, honour, protect and promote the history of Maple Ridge.

Mission Statement

Through the use of the highest conservation and recording standards, collect, display, and interpret the complex heritage of Maple Ridge.