This gracious family home was built on the brow of a hill overlooking the Fraser River by pioneer Thomas Haney for his wife Anne and family. Features of the main floor are a farm kitchen, family portraits and furnishings in the parlour and dining room. Upstairs is a fully furnished master bedroom, little girl’s room, priest’s room and bathroom. The Heritage Walk winds through part of the garden and remnants of the orchard behind Haney House.

Thomas Haney, with the help of Samuel Edge and Daniel Callaghan, built this home for his family in 1883. It was patterned after the Haney family home in Ontario. The Haney family and their descendents occupied the house until 1979 when the last occupants donated the home and property to District of Maple Ridge as a museum of family life. Mary Hawley Isaac, the last Haney descendant to live in the house, was well known for opening her home to tours and visitors, long before she donated the land, building and its contents to the District of Maple Ridge.

Haney House
Haney House

Since 1883 the house has undergone surprisingly few changes.  Part of the dining area was once used as a woodshed, the upstairs bathroom replaced a bedroom, another bathroom replaced a downstairs pantry and double windows were put into the kitchen and dining rooms.  In the early 1900’s, the staircase was also changed from a position of dividing the living room and dining room areas, to the north wall of the dining room.

The balcony of the master bedroom was enclosed at one time to care for a daughter, Birdie Haney, with tuberculosis and remained enclosed until the 1979 restoration.  Outside there was, at one time, a long milk room attached to the north side of the kitchen.

In 1979 the house underwent significant structural renovations and a live-in Curator/Caretaker was brought in who lived with the original artifacts and furniture.  This arrangement proved to be difficult for both the Curator/Caretaker and the artifacts.

In 1981, the building was opened to the public on a regular basis for tours.

In 1984 the former dairy, known from historic photographs, was rebuilt as a 2 bedroom Caretaker apartment with funding provided by the District, the BC Heritage Trust and the Maple Ridge Historical Society.  Significant labour and materials were provided by volunteers.

The gardens underwent restoration in 1993 and 1994 after much research by the Curator/Caretaker.  Other plants and flowers, mentioned in archival records, that would have been locally available in the early 1900’s were added to the existing apple orchard, moss and climbing roses.

In 1996, the Curator/Caretaker positions were separated and the curatorial, programming and museum services were taken over by the Maple Ridge Historical Society as part of their fee for service agreement with the District of Maple Ridge to provide museum services to the community.

The caretakers look after the yards and gardens and do repairs while also providing site security.

While both the Maple Ridge Museum and Haney House Museum are located in former homes, unlike the brickyard manager’s house, Haney House still looks like a family home inside. The main floor has the kitchen, living room, and dining room, while upstairs there are bedrooms and bathrooms.  Each room tells the story of the Haney family and life in general in Maple Ridge through the eras represented.  In addition, stories and artifacts are drawn from the Maple Ridge Museum collections to explore particular themes or show seasonal variation.

Haney House Museum also hosts Hallowe’en and Spring Break events.