Doing Research at the Museum

Our research files are extensive — more than 1,200 distinct  topics on community history. There are two copies — a digital one at the museum and a hard copy at the Maple Ridge Library. People interested in browsing community history or investigating a number of topics are advised to access the library set as the library is open more hours than the museum and there is plenty of work space. If you have a specific topic in mind or cannot access the library, contact us for digital copies.

Access to original archives can be provided for specific requests but given our lack of space, we cannot provide for browsing or access to a variety of topics. If access is possible, it is by appointment made at least a week in advance.

At the museum, we have original copies of the Maple Ridge — Pitt Meadows Gazette newspaper back to 1922 but they are very fragile and reserved for scanning. There is also a microfilm copy at the library along with pre–1920 editions of several other early papers from the region. The library microfilm reader is also a printer and so can produce copies of individual pages or articles. We have a subject index for the newspaper and topic lists can be provided on request.

Our  collection of nearly 14,000 photographic images can be viewed at the museum by appointment.  We request that researchers define the scope of their interest by era, subject and location as browsing 14,000 images is not recommended. More than a thousand of the best images can be found on our Flickr site.

Another asset at the museum is our collection of databases that covers our collected holdings and includes an index of the Gazette newspaper, a burials list for our cemetery, and lists of those who served in WWI and WWII, to name a few.


The museum has a photocopier and the ability to produce photographic reprints on glossy paper.  Prices are as follows:

Photocopies – 8.5 x 11″                     $0.25

Photocopies – 8.5 x 14″                     $0.50

Photocopies – 11 x 17″                      $1.00

Glossy print – 8.5 x 11″                    $5.00

Matte print – 8.5 x 11”                       $5.00

We also have digital scans of most of our images.  Copies of existing scans are $2 each.  If you need a particularly high density scan for publication, the image can be rescanned for $5.  We have an extensive portrait and wedding collection courtesy of local photographer Don Waite.  Scans can be made of the negatives in that collection at a cost of $5 each.

Please phone 604-463-5311 or use our Contact Us form to arrange an appointment. While the posted open hours are restricted to Wednesday and Sunday afternoons in winter and Wednesday to Sunday afternoons in summer, research appointments are generally made outside of open hours when you can be given undivided attention.

Research for Hire

Museum staff and volunteers will do small amounts of research for free or for costs if reproductions are involved. However, tasks involving more than one hour of staff time are billed at $50 per hour plus costs. It is possible to negotiate over this fee, however, if you are prepared to provide copies of your research work to the museum and it is of sufficient value to the institution to over-ride the costs involved.

Please submit your research request using our Asking for Information form after first consulting the “How to Ask a Research Question” section of our FAQ.