Presentation at Your School

If you would like somebody from the Maple Ridge Museum to come to your school and give a presentation on a specific topic, please contact us to discuss what type of presentation would best suit your needs. We have presented in classrooms to one class, multi-purpose rooms to more than one grade level, and gymnasiums to a whole school. Any number of students can attend the presentation, as long as you can provide the necessary space.

For $50, a Museum employee will come to your school for approximately one hour. We will bring a PowerPoint presentation, but will need to be provided with a screen or light-coloured wall (not a white board)..

We have a large number of topics we have presented on. Please phone us at 604.463.5311 to discuss what topics you would like to see addressed in your classroom or school. It has proven to be particularly effective to have a presentation of basic community history for Grades 2 to 4 prior to their visit to the museum for a tour. It exposes them to the concepts of history, some specific local details, and the mysteries of black and white photography so that when they come to the museum, there is less that is completely new to them.