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Who? — Full name and date of birth

Many families re-used the same names over and over so the key to the generation is birth date. If you have other details — like marriage date and partner's name — include that too. If you are looking for an obituary, date of death is essential. However, if that is one of your questions, we have resources that may provide that information.

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Other associated surnames

Other surnames can also be useful. If your person married into a long-standing Maple Ridge family, then our information is more likely to be associated with that other surname. Sometimes the names of neighbours can help.


Include the time period you are interested in. When did your person live in Maple Ridge? We don't need to know when they lived in Vancouver or Calgary — just Maple Ridge.

What? - What question are you asking?

It is tempting to say, "Everything you can possibly tell me about them", but we haven't got that kind of time. Focus your attention on one or two important questions. Once you have those answers, they may lead to other questions. It is better to work through a series of questions rather than try to do everything at once. We will spend up to one hour for free on a research request but after that our research fee of $50 per hour can really add up.

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