Fred Braches


From the Whonnock Website:

The Maple Ridge Museum & Archives has benefited from the work of local historians who have been most generous with their research and writing.  One is Fred Braches of Whonnock who took over the mantle of “Mr. Whonnock” from his friend and predecessor Brian Byrnes. Fred has seen to the organization and documentation of Whonnock’s archives including many photographs and shares all of his material through his website.

For Whonnock history, see <http://www.whonnock.ca/whonnock-history/index.php>

For Ruskin history, see http://whonnock.ca/whonnock-history/history-ruskin.php

And for Fred’s Whonnock History blog, see http://whonnock-history.blogspot.ca/

Fred has also expanded and updated the Wikipedia entries for both communities at

<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whonnock>  <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruskin,_British_Columbia>


From the City of Maple Ridge web site:

Fraser River Heritage Walk

The Fraser River Heritage Walk links the key heritage sites in Port Haney with a paved walkway. Beginning at the refurbished Port Haney Wharf, now equipped with a landing for river traffic, the walk takes you through an underpass of the Haney Bypass to historic Haney House. You may stop there to admire the river view, or sit on a bench in the Haney orchard at the top of the garden. Winding through a residential area, the walk takes you to Brickwood Park on the corner of 225 Street and 116 Avenue. From there it is an easy stroll to the Maple Ridge Museum along 116 Avenue. The River Walk is open year round.


Walking Map
Heritage Walk Map