Cemetery Preservation & Clean-Up
Friday July 14 and Saturday July 15
9AM – 12PM

The Maple Ricemetery poster1dge Cemetery is a beautiful park located in Maple Ridge.

Cemeteries are permanent green spaces that have the ability to sustain biodiversity as surrounding land changes and develops. In many cases the graves are overgrown by grass, plants and invasive species. Cemeteries provide significant cultural and environmental benefits, but they are in need of maintenance and restoration. Our Cemetery Preservation Clean-Up is a volunteer based event that aims to connect pek with natural flora, including, moss, grass, shrubs, and lichen.

This event is for people who are passionate about history, volunteering, and community restoration. Many of the older headstones no longer have individuals to care for them. Spend the morning in tople with nature and local history for community stewardship. Volunteers will worhe park cleaning headstones and clearing grass to preserve the precious history in Maple Ridge Cemetery.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Maple Ridge Museum at mrmeventplanner@gmail.com

We will provide more details regarding what to bring, and where to park. Volunteer letters can be provided by request.