Online Learning

Welcome to our online learning page!

On this page you will find learning activities, worksheets, and crafts designed to facilitate at home learning about local Maple Ridge history.  We are continuously working on new and updated activities so make sure you check back regularly.

Activities are divided into broad grade groupings, though most will require more hands on help for younger kids and less for older.

Grades K – 6

History Detectives – On the Trail of Billy Buckaroo

Follow the clues in this puzzle based learning game to find the notorious train robber who ran with the Billy Miner gang, can you solve the puzzles and catch a thief?

History Detectives – Plant Life Edition

In this edition, you’ll be introduced to some of Maple Ridge’s local plants. Through games and puzzles, learn about different types of plants, invasive species and ecosystems.

History Detectives – Then vs. Now Artifact Matching Game

Test your memory and history knowledge in this matching game, where the goal is to pair up images of artifacts from our collections with their modern day counterparts.

History Detectives – Wildlife Edition

In this edition, you’ll be introduced to some of Maple Ridge’s local wildlife. Through games and puzzles, learn about their diets, habitats and physical attributes.

Live Like a Pioneer Crafts

Follow along on this 14-day challenge to live like a pioneer. Travel back to a time when you had to make everything yourself and by hand, make your own toys, butter, candy and so much more. Are you up to the challenge?

Grades 7 – 12

History Detectives – Etymology

Learn all about the roots and origins of the English language as we know it today!

Memoir Activities

These memoir activities are designed for grade 10 students learning local history but can be used by other age groups.  They introduce students to primary source documents, reading them, answering questions, and thinking abstractly about the past and present.

Alma Hampton Memoir Activity 

Grace Stevenson Memoir Activity 

James Sinclair Memoir Activity 

Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Solve this crossword puzzle of local history using your knowledge of local history and by researching through the “Discover our Stories” page on our website.