Hammond Brothers: Shaping the Landscape

The Hammond Family Project was launched in 2006 by Brenda L. Smith and Annette Fulford. The initial challenge was to discover the name of John Hammond’s “Boston Bride” following a donation of possible wedding portraits to the Maple Ridge Museum and Community Archives. The project grew to include contact with descendants of John and William’s Uncle Robert. The project was revisited in 2018 and new information was uncovered.

The boards are best viewed in person and only represent a fraction of the research done by the group. These displays travel to family and local history events, contact the Maple Ridge Family History Group to see if the boards and members of the group are available to speak on the various topics explored by the projects.

Project Committee: Alberta McNamara, Andrea Lister, Annette Fulford, Brenda Smith, Gina Leigh, Erica Williams

Graphic design by Susan Sullivan of Family Ancestrees