Temporary Exhibits

Temporary Exhibits


We are thrilled to announce our first-ever exhibit at The ACT Centre, in downtown Maple Ridge! This fall, we will be featuring “THE BEE’S KNEES”: an engaging exhibit of 1920’s fashion. By visiting the main gallery at the ACT, community members will be transported back in time to 100 years ago in Maple Ridge. Learn about fashion trends, gender differences, and cultural fashions during a thriving time of our city’s history. Dates, times, and other exhibit information will be available shortly by clicking here.


At the museum:

Located in the front room of the Maple Ridge Museum, our temporary gallery rotates exhibits every six months. The goal of the space is to highlight parts of our collection that do not necessarily fit into the exhibits currently on display. The space is also used to showcase traveling exhibitions from neighboring museums.

Currently on display is The Camera in Focus: Its History and Evolution. 

This exhibit displays a selection of the museum’s collection of cameras and accessories from local camera enthusiasts and professionals alike. This exhibit highlights the technological evolution of the camera from the intricate folding cameras of the past to the more familiar digital cameras and smartphones of the present. See how this humble invention has helped shape the world as we know it today!