Family History Newsletters

The Family History Group produces a regular newsletter that is included in the Historical Society’s newsletter. In 2018, the newsletter began being published six times a year rather than nine times a year. The newsletter includes reviews of resources, news of training and events, items of special interest to those researching ancestors, the history of Maple Ridge, and how-to articles. The newsletter can be obtained through a membership to the Maple Ridge Historical Society. Subscriptions are a benefit of membership in the Maple Ridge Historical Society. Please send membership applications, with $20 to the Maple Ridge Historical Society.


The Maple Ridge Family History Newsletter is a voice for family historians to share with each other their research questions, process, findings, and successes with readers. The newsletter is edited with the goal of sharing stories and providing a platform for contributors to practice reporting skills. The editing team is pleased to help contributors shape their work for publication. Submit content to the Maple Ridge Family History Newsletter.

The newsletter has been published since 1999. A complete set of the print version is available at Maple Ridge Public Library. Refer to the online index by topic for newsletters from 1999–2023. Contact us to subscribe to the newsletter.

While copyright in the newsletter as a whole is vested in the Maple Ridge Family History Group, copyright of individual articles belongs to their respective authors, and copyright of images belongs to their respective image providers as noted. Articles may be reproduced for personal use only. For reproduction for other purposes, permission in writing of author(s), image provider(s), and/or publisher(s) is required.



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