Europe Bakery & Deli

Mrs. England and Evelyn Jones standing in meadow where post office was later built in 1926. (P03273)
The Maple Ridge Post office building, 1951. (P07936)
Ceremony for the introduction of letter carrier service in Haney Centre in 1961. Prior to this, all mail was picked up at post office. (P02691)

While this building is currently occupied by various businesses, including the delightful Europe Bakery & Deli, it used to be the Haney Post Office and Federal Building. Built with bricks from the Haney Brick & Tile Co., the post office opened in the summer of 1950. The need for a new post office was a direct result of the post-World War II population boom. At this time, postal service in Maple Ridge was either by rural route delivery or by pick-up, it wouldn’t be until 1960 that door-to-door mail delivery was implemented in Haney and Hammond.


While this scavenger hunt addresses primarily white settler history, it is important to note that both the Katzie and Kwantlen’s history with this land spans back thousands of years prior to the arrival of European settlers. We would like to acknowledge that each of the places in this scavenger hunt are part of the unceded territories of the Katzie First Nation and the Kwantlen First Nation on which we are lucky enough to work and share this land’s history.