On the River: Epilogue

To detail the full contribution of these and other families to the fishing and marine industry in Maple Ridge would be a massive undertaking. The names include Carlson, Hill, Hilland, Jenewein, Lahti, Lind, Moore, Oling, Pierce, Salmi, Sidewell, Waska, and Weedmark.[i]

[i] In conversation with Jo-Anne Hertzog (Baker) and Andrea Lister, August 18, 2021.

The leading brands of salmon packed by the British Columbia Fishing & Packing Co. , The Vancouver Province, March 26, 1923, page 7b
Fish for sale at a Vancouver market. The Vancouer Province, May 1, 1925, page 26
Iced in fishing boats at Albion wharf. Photo courtesy the Hertzog (Baker) family
Pete Jenewein (former Reeve of Maple Ridge) gillnetter. Courtesy the Hertzog (Baker) family

Alexander Baker’s other son, Gerald Gordon Baker, was a fisherman too, but not until the 1940s.[i] Les Baker had his own smoke house where he smoked the sockeye and eulachon. Smoked eulachon was a popular snack in the pubs in the 1950s.[ii] Clarence Edward “Bud” Baker, nephew to Alexander, was also a fisherman, on his boat Le Roi. The long connection of the Baker family to water was described in the April 4, 2017 Maple Ridge News’ obituary for Alan Baker, the grandson of Alexander Baker. He was a third-generation fisherman and a pioneer of the herring industry and partially funded the Albion test fishery to provide data for chum salmon. In 1981 he started the Chinook test fishery.

Nels Christian Nelson, the son of John Christian Nelson and Anna Martinsen, worked as a net maker in the fishing industry until 1948.[iii] His brother, Charles Hilmer Nelson, worked as a commercial fisherman for thirty-seven years and died in Ruskin in 1954.[iv] Sverre Andrew Nelson, son of Ole Nelson and Anna Peterson Berg, was a fish collector for fifteen years.[v] Axel Oswald Nelson, son of Ole Andreas Nelson and Martha Marie Lee, was a fish buyer.[vi]

On August 21, 1951, Leonard Andrew Nelson, a fish buyer and son of Sverre Nelson and employee of the Johnston Fishing and Packing Company, “slipped and fell while jumping from the cabin of his boat to the deck.” The forty-one-year-old had been a fisherman for twenty-two years. He drowned in the Fraser River near Port Hammond leaving a wife and two children behind.[vii]

Several of the sons of Isaac Nelson and Catherine Lehman were involved in the fishing industry. Ivan Jacob “Jake” Nelson was net boss at Port Edward until his retirement in 1984.[viii] His brother, William Isaac Nelson was a net foreman in the fishing industry in Delta.[ix] Earl Gordon Nelson was a salmon fisherman for twelve years and a veteran of the Second World War.[x] Earl Gordon Nelson died, age twenty-eight, in Westminster on his boat in 1950.[xi]

The Puska family came to Webster’s Corner in the early 1900s from Helsinki, Finland. Donald (Tauno) Puska started Albion Boat Works in the 1940s and built hundreds of fishing boats until his retirement in the 1980s.[xii]

No account of the fishing industry in Maple Ridge would be complete without a mention of Bruce’s Market. Saskatchewan-born Bruce McEachern listed his occupation as fisherman on his marriage to Elnora Muth in 1944.[xiii] They opened Bruce’s Market on April 2, 1948. Still in business today, their website boasts that they have “been commercial fishermen for four generations and now operate a fleet of salmon gillnet boats, a processing plant,” and their own smokehouses.

Charles Henry Owen lived through the changes in the industry. Born in 1895, Charles lost his father, John Owen, when he was nine years old. Charles worked as a fisherman for over seventy years and saw the decline in the industry first-hand. In an August 7, 1985 interview with the Ridge Meadows Times Charles stated that it was no longer possible to make a living as a fisherman due to government restrictions. The title of the article, “Fishing the Fraser—it’s just not a living anymore”, sums up the sentiments of many of the fishermen on the Fraser.

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In Memoriam

1897 – John Gilchrist, 30
1904 – John Owen, 44
1922 – Dougal Harris, 45
1927 – Philip Cheer, 27
1946 – Joseph Garner, 65
1950 – Earl Gordon Nelson, 28
1951– Leonard Andrew Nelson, 41


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