Country Fest Photography Category “Before” Photos

Here you will find photos to use for the 2024 Country Fest’s Maple Ridge Before and After photography category. We have tried our best to provide as much detail as we can to where each photo was taken, but it might take some sleuthing on your part to find the exact spot. Feel free to also check out our Flickr page for more photos to choose from.

Please include the image number starting with “P” with your submission.

P07724 – Alouette Lake circa 1950s

P10719 – Looking north along Neaves Road from the South Alouette bridge circa 1960s

P13606 – Ruskin Hall, 1992

P03060 – Garibaldi High School 1959

P01950 – Dewdney Trunk Road looking west at Kanaka Creek before 256th circa 1940s

P00227 – Post-1916 fire photo of Maple Crescent showing the rebuilt Dale store and the Bank of Hamilton in its own new building – the one that is now Haney Hawgs.

P02160 – View of Maple Crescent near Dartford Street 1965-1975

P03461 – View of lower Kanaka Creek circa 1950s

P08709 – Bruce’s Market circa 1980s

P01985 – Entrance to the Albion Fairgrounds circa 1960s

P00410 – River Road looking east in Port Haney circa 1920s. The Bank of Montreal (Billy Miner Pub) is the fourth building on the left

P01165 – Davidson’s Pool circa 1940s

P08117 – Entrance to Maple Ridge Park from 232 Street circa 1950s

P01000 – The old Buddhist temple at Dewdney Trunk Road and 216th was converted to other uses after the Japanese community was interned during WWII. For a time it was another kind of church, then a family home, then a pub, and now a liquor store.

P00954 – Lougheed Highway looking west at 224 St

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