Shea Henry

Annual General Meeting

Thursday March 23rd 6:30pm at St Andrews Church We are excited to welcome our membership back to our annual AGM and potluck! We are thrilled … Read More

WWI Paybook

This artifact is one of the most important yet unheard-of objects issued to commonwealth soldiers of the First World War. This small brown booklet was … Read More

Navy Uniform

These white and blue jackets were worn by sailors of the Royal Canadian Navy during Canada’s involvement in the Korean Civil War. They are adorned … Read More

Medical Syringes

Caution! This post includes historical medical information that may be nausea inducing for some readers. These needles, syringes and medical devices are an interesting piece … Read More

Telosky Bat

This comedic oversized joke baseball bat belonged to Pete Telosky, a local baseball legend, and was made by his friends for him in the 1960’s. … Read More

We are looking for engaged community members to join our board! Visit the Maple Ridge Historical Society page in the About Us section for more information.
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