About Honouring Those Who Served

HONOURING THOSE WHO SERVED is a project of the Maple Ridge Family History Group building on two decades of research conducted by local historian Annette Fulford. Our goal was to discover the stories of the people named on the First World War face of the Maple Ridge Cenotaph and other memorials throughout Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

Project Team

Gina Leigh, Project Coordinator

Annette Fulford, Original Project

Alberta McNamara, Dropbox Records Manager

Alice Campbell; Lynne Currie; Andrea Lister; Cathy Magee; Joy Mooney; Gunter Rebele; M. Diane Rogers; Brenda L. Smith; Debbie Spouler

Learn More or Share With Us

All of the research with sources has been deposited with the Maple Ridge Community Archives. We welcome the public or family members to contact the archives and/or the Maple Ridge Family History Group for more information or to let us know if you have additional or different information than is presented here. We also acknowledge that there may be names missing from the memorials. Your information will help us to update the website. We hope that the Maple Ridge community will be a valuable resource in honouring those who served.