Brickyard Office

The Brickyard Office being built in 1935. (P00445)
Brickyard employees posing in front of the office with a V-flag in recognition of their contribution to victory loans. (P00450)
Haney Brick and Tile Co. manager’s house on right and brickyard office on left. Sheds with company name in background, 1947. (P01182)
Brickyard office with factory complex in the background, 1937. (P08609)

This small heritage building was once the office for the Haney Brick & Tile Company. Founded in 1907, the company was the largest and most successful in Maple Ridge, even supplying bricks for the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, BC. This little brickyard office was built in 1935 with the very brick the company produced. While both the office and the manager’s house (now the Maple Ridge Museum) are still standing, this site would have looked very different during most of the 1900s as this whole area was occupied by the brick factory.


While this scavenger hunt addresses primarily white settler history, it is important to note that both the Katzie and Kwantlen’s history with this land spans back thousands of years prior to the arrival of European settlers. We would like to acknowledge that each of the places in this scavenger hunt are part of the unceded territories of the Katzie First Nation and the Kwantlen First Nation on which we are lucky enough to work and share this land’s history.