Maple Ridge Park

The four Hampton girls laying on a rock in the Alouette, 1916. (P04202)
Davenport family picnic, 1927. (P12133)
Three teachers enjoying a picnic at Maple Ridge Park, 1942. (P00344)
Maple Ridge Park campsite, 1959. (P10729)

Maple Ridge Park is one of the oldest municipal parks in the area, and the oldest park in Maple Ridge. The land was donated to the district in 1924 by the BC Electric Railway Company. Picnics along the Alouette River were extremely popular back in the day as an important form of weekend recreation and socializing. The park was and still is extremely popular for its beloved swimming holes such as the Davidson’s Pool and Hot Rocks and once upon a time the 232nd St. bridge. The park also once included a public campground in the area that is now Wild Play Adventure Park.


While this scavenger hunt addresses primarily white settler history, it is important to note that both the Katzie and Kwantlen’s history with this land spans back thousands of years prior to the arrival of European settlers. We would like to acknowledge that each of the places in this scavenger hunt are part of the unceded territories of the Katzie First Nation and the Kwantlen First Nation on which we are lucky enough to work and share this land’s history.