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Do you want a local historian from the museum to present a local history topic to your group over Zoom? Great news! We are offering presentation over Zoom about the following local history topics. Presentation lengths vary and can be tailored to the group or class. Don’t see the topic you are interested in? Contact us and we can talk about putting something together for you.  $50 per group ($40 for members) presentation up to 100 Zoom viewers. 

New to Maple Ridge – This presentation gives a basic overview of local history and is great for newcomers to the area and people unfamiliar with local history.

Didn’t This Used to be Haney? – History By The Postal Route – covers the development of Maple Ridge and all of its neighbourhoods based around post offices. It makes sense of all the names and of how “Maple Ridge” came to be the final choice for our postal address.

Neighbourhood Stories –  these presentations are specific to one of the historic neighbourhoods and highlight their early immigration, settler communities, industries, and recreations.

Japanese Citizens – discusses the Japanese population from early immigration to WWII internment.

Earth, Air, Fire & Water: Our History By Disaster – covers the challenges faced by early and later communities from weather and fire.

Strange But True – odd stories, unique histories, and eccentric people of our past.

The Sporting Life – sports and sports equipment of the past

Winters of Days Past – this presentation explores the every day life, sports, recreation and weather events from winters past in Maple Ridge.

Finding Granny in the Archives: Doing Women’s History – This presentation goes into the ups and downs of doing research using original documents and the particular problems of researching women, who tend to be invisible in the public documents that end up in archives. It includes a lot of images of different kinds of archival documents.

Shopping Through the 20th Century – How did people get what they needed that they couldn’t build or grow on their own? It covers catalogue shopping and shipping by train to door-to-door salesmen to modern malls.

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