Nelson Carter Family

Nelson and Eileen Carter in front of their house with 4 grandchildren. The exact location of this house is unknown but it was on River Road between the slide scar and Laity Street.

Nelson Carter landed in Victoria, B.C. in March 1885.  He moved to Vancouver and started a brick yard at Rouse’s Point which he carried on until 1892 when he came to Haney and bought the McLaren brickyard.  This yard extended from the Bank of Montreal, on the corner of 224thand Lougheed, West of where the Haney Hotel sits at 222nd and Lougheed. He was a creative mason and built the unusual fireplace at the Maple Ridge Museum and another in son Horace’s house.

Nelson later bought the Howison property and built a residence.  He had one son killed in the Great War.  At the time of his death in October of 1924, he left three daughters, three sons, twenty grandchildren and three great grandchildren.  His children were Mrs. Shields of Wash. U.S., Mrs Howe of Haney, Mrs. F.L. Ford of Port Kells, Fred of Vancouver, Horace of New Westminster and Obie who was living at the family home.

Portrait of the Horace Carter family and their house on River Road. This building was built in 1912 and the picture taken on Jan 1, 1913. Members present on the steps of the house include grandparents Nelson and Ellen Carter, parents Horace and Flora Carter and their collective children. 21694 River Rd.

Horace Nelson Carter married Flora Webster on November 14th 1906.  Flora was the daughter of James Murray Webster, founder of Webster’s Corners, and Annie Worling.  Flora passed away in July of 1951 and was buried in the Maple Ridge Cemetery.  Horace Nelson died on November 9th, 1955.  He left behind five sons, two daughters, 13 grandchildren and one great grandchild.  Horace and Flora’s children were:  Nelson of Mission, Cecil of Clearwater, Harry of New Westminster, Frank and Garnet of Webster’s Corners, Mrs. Lottie Gracey of New Westminster, and Mrs. Rita Davey of Terrace.